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About Vlad Shvedov

  • Ruby/Rails
  • Rack/Sinatra
  • Dart/Flutter
  • Javascript/TypeScript
  • Postgres
  • MySQL/Aurora
  • Elasticsearch/Opensearch
  • AWS


Hello, I’m Vlad Shvedov! I’m Software Engineer. I started programming on my ZX Spectrum 16K clone when I was 10. First, BASIC and then Zilog Z80’s Assembler. I spent most of the middle school learning Borland Pascal and OOP on my Intel 80386 SX PC, helping my Dad with scientific calculations and working on an artificial life simulators (as I was sure I’ll be a microbiologist). In high school, I found about FIDO (2:5124/2110) and had my own BBS (WerewolfBBS T: 44-65-28) with a home-brew (Pascal-based) software running, and kept programming and learning Economics in University, until I finally got an unlimited access to the Internet. Here is my story, as of Web Developer begins, as I discovered Perl and CGI programming, which was my two first tools (and I’m really happy that Ruby exists).

My current scope of interests is closely connected to generative systems, distributed and reactive Web Applications development, FDM and SLA 3D Printing, CNC (I made the electronics for my CNC milling machine) and woodworking (most of all I’m interested in making electric guitars) and printing 3D models I sculpted.

Music is a big part of my life. I’m not playing in any band anymore, however I have some music projects, and I’m very interested in sound synthesis, old-school CASIO, modular synths and Eurorack. I’m also developing an iOS noise synth.

For everything Web I’m using Ruby/Rails (it’s still the best technology for the monolyth web apps). Arduino, C/C++ and Python for electronics prototyping and Flutter for the mobile apps. I’m also using Fusion360 and Blender for CNC and 3D printing.

Quick facts

  • Done today is better than a perfect tomorrow
  • Monolith apps with a simple UI are better than microservices and dependencies hell
  • I don’t have a dream job because I don’t dream of labor

Books I read two or more times

  • Hobbit/LOtR
  • William Gibson’s Sprawl Trilogy
  • Cryptonomicon
  • The Kingkiller Chronicle
  • The Anarchist Encyclopedia

Fun facts

  • Odd numbers are the best
  • I love dogs
  • I never finished Baldur’s Gate 1, but it’s my fav game

Bio for the Press

Vlad has been involved in software development from a young age, having initially taught himself low-level programming for gaming as well as assisting his Father in scientific calculations automation since the age of 13. Vlad graduated from the University of G. E. Weinstein’s in applied Economics and Management. During his final year of his Master’s Vlad won the ‘Innovation Award’ for his final project, combining his Economic Science and programming experience, by developing an HR management and prediction platform for a local food factory.

Vlad started his career at Masquerade, a games development studio. Here he was quickly promoted, managing a team, as well as being the lead developer. Masquerade inspired Vlad to set up his own company, co-founding a Video on Demand platform, where he held the role of CTO. It was during this venture he developed a deep interest in machine-based algorithmic suggestions, based on user’s interests, from user viewings data and Facebook data. Vlad’s hard work had paid off and his VoD company was acquired by a major digital rights owner and is still the underlying technology powering it today.

Following on from this success, Vlad advised several Silicon Valley startups including his assistance at DataXu and developing the core of Toptal, as the company’s employee number one.

His main area of specializing was next-generation advertising platforms developing, Rails-based platform architecturing and developers teams leading. During this period he also developed highload experience in TOP1 (by Alexa rate) gaming portal Y8.com.

In 2012, Vlad became a Director of Engineering at Helios Technologies. Here he built the team from scratch in Odessa and continued his team leading on projects such as ID.net (inetidetity and secure payments platform), TrafficFactory (analytical and advertisement platform) and Ant.com (a social-based search engine with a Natural Language Processing and social graph exploration core).

In 2014, Vlad joined ProFinda as he was excited about the ability to use AI to help companies be more efficient. Here he leads the development work combining Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Algorithmic Suggestions. Vlad’s goal is to achieve the state of when the whole Intelligence stack is acting as a set of fault-tolerant and independent applications, with an ability to add new entities, data and knowledge, to improve the final result of machine-based expertise ad hoc. He leads a team of data engineers and is responsible for full cycle development and researchers.

In 2016, Vlad joined Labrador OmniMedia, as a Ruby/Rails Developer to work on TastevinApp - a software dedicated to re-inventing on-premise beverage sales and integrate client’s Point of Sale terminals with client-faced iOS software. He was promoted to the Lead Developer two years after that.

During this time Vlad was working on a number of projects and Open Source initiaves, helping Ruby and Rails comunity and keeping his interest in SoC prototyping and 3D printing.