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2019 Top Skills

Each year I ask myself what would I do if I would be starting something this year. A startup idea, a new career, a new hobby. Here is the list of top 3 skills for 2019.

  1. Video Production and Editing: Look at Youtube. While ten years ago making money from videos or finding a tutorial of good leathercrafting was a miracle, today it’s one and the only source of any knowledge or skills you want to advance in. I can judge by musicians, guitarists, and synths enthusiasts. There are hundreds of channels with extremely high-quality content and thousands of individuals advertising relevant products on Youtube. It makes video production and editing skills very attractive. It doesn’t mean you’ll have tens of thousand views instantly, and it’s the same story like with blogging back in the 2000s. However, compared to blogging, videos have less obtrusive nature in the meaning of the content consumption, and it means wider auditory this way. So, more feedback and more motivation for the content producer.

  2. Javascript: You’ll never be alone or hungry. Still, Javascript is the universal skill for programming, no matter you like it or not. You can do mobile, you can do backend, you can code electronics and spaceships, and there are no signs of withering so far.

  3. Modeling and programming for CNC and 3D printers: Current “cheap” guitars made by sister-companies of more expensive brands (like Epiphone/Gibson, or Sterling/Music Man) are insanely better than twice more expensive instruments you saw twenty years ago. It’s because of the production automation achieved by cheaper CNC routers. We are already one foot in the personal home 3D printers era where you’ll be buying blueprints, rather than a product.

Few ideas of potentially exciting and profitable businesses or hobbies with the skills from above:

  • leathercraft with one of the CNC cutters for sale on Etsy or for gifts
  • Javascript video tutorials for a targeted audience you know very well
  • mesmerizing high-quality 4K videos of a CNC router Youtube channel
  • cooking Youtube channel
  • on-demand music instruments

Happy New Year and the best of luck! Don’t stop where you’re currently at!