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About Me:

Hello, I’m Vlad Shvedov! I’m Software Engineer. I started with programming from ZX Spectrum 16K’s Basic and then Zilog Z80 Assembler on ZX 128K, then spent most of the middle school with Borland Pascal on my Intel 80386 SX PC, helping my Dad with scientific calculations and artificial life simulators (as I was sure I’ll be a microbiologist). In high school, I found FIDO and had my own BBS with home-brew software running while keep programming and learning Economics in University, until I finally got unlimited access to the Internet. Here is my story, as of Web Developer begins, as I discovered Perl and CGI programming.

My current scope of interests is closely connected with self-generative systems, Natural Language Processing, distributed web applications development, CNC (I made the electronics for my CNC milling machine) and woodworking (most of all I’m interested in making electric guitars).

Music is a big part of my life. I’m not playing in any band anymore, however I have some music projects, and I’m highly interested in sound synthesis, Eurorack, and modular synths — both hardware and software.

For the software development, I’m using Ruby and Elixir for Web, Arduino C/C++ for electronics prototyping and Lua for Web and (more or less) Desktop apps. I’m using Fusion360 for all CNC.